💥Great news! Conqueror’s new referral system is coming! All game players who hold 10 farmers can apply for referral reward BNB qualification on the official website; the specific rules are as follows ⬇️⬇️⬇️

1️⃣ Players who hold 10 farmers are eligible to apply for referral reward BNB on the official website, and the rewarded BNB can be claimed immediately.

2️⃣ Direct referrers can enjoy 3% BNB reward of the total sales volume

3️⃣Indirect recommenders can enjoy 2% BNB reward of the total sales volume

4️⃣ All investors can be bound by transfer, one-time binding; enjoy lifelong passive benefits

5️⃣All game players can receive DAO CONQ token dividends on the game interface every Saturday

🔥The strongest marketing system in history is coming, and the crazy money-sharing model has arrived; quickly share it with your friends and relatives; let you easily earn unlimited income!✨



The Conqueror public pre-sale is about to start;
The strongest conqueror of the metaverse is about to leave the earth and enter space;
🔜Public pre-sale time:
Jan 25 12:00pm (UTC)
➡️Purchase link:
PancakeSwap Exchange Listing: January 25th 12:30pm (UTC)

💥 Token Information
✨ Contract address: 0xE3273EfB61EBB8d63333B05B42B5751Ef9758B42
✨ Token name: CONQ
✨ Tokens: 10000,000$CONQ; 10%
✨ SC: 600 BNB
✨ HC: 800 BNB
✨ Exchange rate: 1 BNB = 12500 $CONQ
✨ Allocation/Whitelist: 0.2BNB — 1.5BNB
⏰ Public pre-sale countdown

‼️ Attention‼️
The address has not been whitelisted, please wait patiently for the latest announcement!